Dear Clients and Partners!


First of all, on behalf of all employees and staff in South East Construction Equipment Company, I would like to send my greetings, wishes for health and happiness to our customers and partners. We would like to thank your trust and companion for South East over the past time and hope to receive your further support in the future.


Ladies and gentlemen, with our long-run and specific oriented goals and strategies in each stage of development, the company definitely can be confident in moving towards the position of a strong brand in the field of manufacturing steel pipes, scaffolding, and mechanical processing. In particular, the Company determined that the processing of steel for exports will be the foundation for all activities of production and business.


The company is committed to creating financial stability, investing for accumulation and development momentum in the future. According to the strategic development objectives in the coming period, the South East will continue experience steady growth, sustainable development in production activities and business. Thereby, the company will take advantage of opportunities to expand investment cooperation, prioritize exploring areas of strengths and available core capacity.

With determination and ceaseless efforts of all officials and employees, the Company will not betray trust and the expectation that you have for the South East. We will be a partner, the rightest choice of yours!


Best regards and cooperation!